Incontinence Supplies



 Briefs are for men and women who have persistent leakage and can't get to the bathroom. Briefs provide technology that lock away wetness and allow air, heat, and humidity to escape. Wearers will stay fresh and dry at all times, promoting comfort and healthy skin. 

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Pull Ups


 Pull ups are designed specifically for men and women to deliver extra absorbency and the feel of standard underwear. For those who experience frequent leaks or sudden urges that don't allow time to get to the bathroom, this protective underwear delivers extra moisture and odor protection for long-lasting freshness. The breathable, cloth-like material creates a form-fitting shape and gives the look and feel of standard underwear. 

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Incontinence Pads


 Incontinence pads are designed to provide extra protection against leaks for beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They add an additional layer of security, particularly for those with heavy leakage. You can even choose from a range of sizes and absorbencies to meet your personal needs. 

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