Hospital Beds


  Hospital beds are used in homes to look after individuals who are elderly or ill and need help in bed. Semi electric or bariatric hospital beds provide quiet smooth operation developed with the patient in mind. Hand controls provide for multiple bed positioning.

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Trapeze Bars


 Trapeze bars are designed to hang over a bed so a patient can grab and move themselves. Trapeze bar types are either in a fixed or free standing design.

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Pressure ulcers can develop in as little as a week and have ghastly consequences for both providers and patients. Gel mattress overlays and air mattresses are essential in preventing the onset of pressure ulcers.

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Patient Lifts


A Patient lift and sling is an assistive device that will help a caregiver transfer a patient, with limited mobility, from the bed to a chair and back. Available in such models as hydraulic standard patient lift and bariatric battery powered patient lift.

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