Shower Chairs


Shower chairs can make bathing and showering safer and easier for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. 

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Transfer Benches


 A standard or bariatric transfer bench provides a safer, easier way to get into and out of the shower. A transfer bench is an extra-long shower chair.

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Elevated Toilet Seats


 Elevated toilet seats are an attachment to an existing toilet which adds extra height for the user. It is designed for those with limited mobility who have difficulty sitting and standing up.

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Bedside Commodes


Standard or bariatric Bedside commodes are designed to allow people who are bedridden, disabled, or physically challenged to safely and conveniently go to the bathroom. 

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Drop Arm Commodes


 Standard or bariatric Drop arm commodes allow the arms to swing out of the way for easier lateral transfers on and off the commode. Transfers are easier for patients using a wheelchair. 

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